Rings For Women

Quite often we see kids, teens and women wearing the finger rings on all the fingers including the thumb. Undoubtedly this looks like a fashion statement for these ring users. But most of them are wearing these finger rings without knowing the real significance of wearing the rings in their fingers. This article is aimed to share some interesting details about the meaning of wearing the rings in each finger. More focus is given on the usage of the popular Thumb Rings For Women which have become a part of the modern women jewelry.

Undoubtedly by wearing a ring an individual communicates a sort of message to oneself as well to the outer world. We need to understand a medical fact here that our left brain is responsible for logic and control the right hand. Hence one can boldly and reasonable assume by wearing a ring in the right hand fingers indicates the conscious logical awareness. On the other hand wearing a ring in the left fingers represents beliefs, attitude as the right brain controls the creativity. By these well framed logics one can conclude that wearing a ring in a specific finger like thumb, one associate with a clear intention to enhance the power associated with that specific finger.

Thumb Rings For WomenSignificance Of Each Finger For Rings

For the interest of the readers the meaning of each finger rings are explained here for the sake of awareness to those who just wear these rings and fail to know these logics associated with their actions.

The Thumb:  In general the thumb represents the will power and logic of the individual that control all our actions. It is interesting to note here that our thumb acts as a great team player in working with other fingers. One cannot imagine of any hand activity without a thumb. Many mythological stories have referred the importance of the thumb and even the modern world talks about the thumb impression in all legal and personal issues. Undoubtedly the thumb symbolizes strength and freedom. Perhaps this could be the reason behind the concept of Thumb Rings For Women have taken significance in the women jewelry.

The Index Finger:  This finger signifies the authority and ambition. As per history Kings, church priests and even the health healers have worn rings in this finger as this finger is known for expressing individual power and authority. People especially women of the modern times wear a ring in this finger to express the assertiveness in their personality.

The Middle Finger: Personal identity and the aspect of materialism are associated with this long middle finger. Being the longest and centre of both hands, these fingers symbolize the centeredness of the individual. People who need to be center of attraction among the crowd generally wear a ring in this finger. Most women of all the eras did this in order to get attention.

The Ring Finger: As the name itself suggests the role of this finger that is associated with the ring. This popular ring finger represents emotion, creativity and heart. Wearing a ring in this finger symbolizes a connection to the heart. Hence people use wedding rings in this fingers in order express the faithfulness of the giver.

The Little Finger: A ring in this little and shortest finger represents relationship as well as confidence. It can be used for personal as well as for business purposes. The finger symbolizes the bonding towards others which is very important in personal as well as business lives.

Though good reasons are discussed on each finger rings, people do not use all them in order to protect their personality. Wearing rings in all the fingers are great when it come s to some important occasions like wedding in order to be attractive to the viewers. When it comes to daily life people have a choice in front of them. Among the five options the Thumb Rings For Women seems to be more meaningful for women of modern times and shows simplicity as well.